About Us

Company Profile

Harchar International Labour Agency Limited (HILAL) is an organisation duly incorporated and licensed in the Republic of Uganda with Reg. No. 80020000621374 and License No. 198 under the Companies Act, CAP No. 1/2012.

Located at Lumuli Cell, Kitende in Kajjansi Town council, Wakiso District, HILAL aspires to be the leading labour recruitment and exporting agency to identify and recruit competent, skilled and reliable Ugandans to take up job opportunities in and outside Uganda.

Before sending workers abroad, HILAL conducts a mandatory training program facilitated by our professional and highly qualifi¬ed team so that they can learn the norms and basic traditions of the countries they will go to and also how to do housework for the maids as well as other related work and ethical performance.

We pride ourselves on offering industry leading workforce management services that focus on innovation and customer centric solutions with extensive working experience in Logistics & Warehousing, Agribusiness, Construction and Mining, Accountancy, Engineering, Information Technology and food processing sectors to work in international companies overseas and we ensure our candidates observe work ethics and speak the same language as of our business partners.

Whether you need a large workforce solution – we will provide you hardworking, reliable, flexible and scalable personnel for all your workforce needs.

Our Objectives

  • To source for employment opportunities globally for competent Ugandans.
  • To carry out the business of a labour recruitment agency.
  • To conduct internal capacity building in order to deliver efficient labour recruitment services.
  • To provide relevant consultancy services in the field of labour sourcing and emplacement.
  • To support both Government and non-Government Organizations in managing youth unemployment by linking job-seekers with potential employers.
  • To establish a structured sector-specific labour market information system (LMIS) to assist in the planning and re-skilling of Ugandans.
  • To establish an HILAL Training Centre to assist potential candidates in additional skills development where necessary.
  • To boost Uganda’s foreign exchange earnings by encouraging Ugandans working abroad to invest savings home.

Our Skill sets

HILAL shall specialize in identifying and recruiting competent and reliable Ugandans to take up jobs in the following ­fields, among others:

How HILAL helps your business or Company

  • Allocate the right person to the right job.
  • Improve hiring quality.
  • Improve recruitment performance.
  • Minimize recruitment process costs.
  • Leverage employee retention, thus achieving a higher returning on human capital investment.

Existing clientele Base

The company serves a wide range of customers i.e. companies/organization, education and training institutions, industrial sector, domestic/household staff, business enterprises (such as fuel stations, supermarket, hotels, shop attendants) and medical institutions.

Our Achievements

Our clients have improved themselves and their families and have been able to acquire land, build homes, supported their dependants with school fees and others.

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