Our process of recruitment is based on significantly a refined and scientific approach which differs from others in the field.

HILAL is a well-established and one of the leading manpower recruiting agency made up of people with sufficient experience, tested capabilities, dedication and above all confidence. We identify and recruit competent and skilled Ugandans to take up job opportunities in and outside the country.

Recruitment in Uganda must be carried out through a firm holding a valid license. HILAL requires the following documents for recruitment of manpower to process the cases. The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of documents in our favor as follows:

Applicant's Requirements

Employer Responsibilities

  1. We HILAL must hold an appropriate power of attorney from the Employers.
  2. A letter of demand addressed to HILAL containing number of vacancies, types of Trade, Pay and Allowances, Accommodation, Food, Medical Facilities, Leave, Overtime scales and any other relevant terms of services to be included in the contract.
  3. A letter addressed by Employer to the consulate / Embassy of the country for which visas are sanctioned authorizing HILAL to get these visas endorsed.
  4. The document as per 1 and 2 above are required to be attested

Initial Screening

Initial Screening is done by the Agency (HILAL)


Selection is being done as per instruction by our valuable clients. There are six types of interview selection tools available with HILAL.

Time Frame for Processing Cases